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  • Bank

    Bank of Communications Changzhou Branch

    China Everbright Bank Changzhou Branc

    Ping An Bank Shanghai Branch 
    China Everbright Bank Nanjing Branch

    Minsheng Bank Changzhou Branc

    Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch

    Bank of Jiangsu Changzhou Branc

    China Merchants Bank Changzhou Branch

    Bank of DaLian Shanghai Branch

    Jiangnan Rural Commercial Ban

    China Minsheng Bank Shanghai Branch

    Industrial and Coommercial Bank Changzhou Branch

    Agricultural Bank Changzhou Branc

    Bohai Bank Nanjing Branch

  • Associations/Government Dept.

    Changzhou Tax Burea

    Changzhou Urban Management Bureau

    Changzhou Sports Bureau

    Changzhou Municipal People’s Government

    Changzhou Emergency Management Bureau

    Changzhou Xinbei District People’s Government

  • Real Estate

    Changzhou Fushi Housing Development Pte.Ltd.

    Shanghai Sansheng Real Estate Co., Ltd

    RK Properties Holdings Limited 

    Shanghai Haidong Real Estate Co., Ltd

    Changzhou Dongdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 

  • Energy and Natural Resources

    Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Corporation Jintan Branc

    China Minmetals Corporation

  • Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

    Cheerland Entertainment OrganizationBeijing Qiran Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Beijing Xixi Culture Development Co., Ltd.
    Beijing Quanfeng Media Culture Co., Ltd.Shanghai Sheshan Country Club Co., Ltd.Visual China Group Co.,Ltd.
    Jiangsu Xixi Co., Ltd.

  • Manufacturing

    Changchai Company,Limited
  • Private Equity/Investment Funds

    CITICS Fund Management Co., Ltd.Huarong International Trust Co., Ltd.Huajin Securities Co., Ltd.

    CEFC Shanghai International Group 


    China Greatwall Asset Management Corporation 

    Jiangsu Branch

    China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. 

    Jiangsu Branch

    Tian'an (China) Investment Co., Ltd.Seazen Holdings Co., LtdJiangsu Jintan Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

    Changzhou Industrial Investment 

    Group Co., Ltd.

    Changzhou Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd.Seazen Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Others

    The Wharf(Holdings)LimitedZhongchang Big Data Corporation Limited.Suning.Com Co.,LTD.