Job Opportunities

  • who are we?:

    Founded 24 years ago, getting younger and younger;

    •BoAiXing Law Firm was established in 1997. Over the past 24 years, we have been walking with you side by side and hand in hand. We have grown into a comprehensive law firm with scale, growth and outstanding professional division of labor. At present, we have 130 practicing lawyers and 200 lawyers and staff in the firm, full of vitality.;

    •Starting from Jiangsu, covering the whole country

    Extending from Changzhou to the Yangtze River Delta, from Jiangsu to the whole country, it is committed to becoming a nationally renowned brand law firm. At present, BoAiXing Law Firm has established Changzhou Office, Beijing Office, Shanghai Office, Nanjing Office, Haikou Office, Wuxi Jiangyin Office, and is going to expand in nationwide.

  • How do we pioneer and innovate?

    • People-oriented and inclusive

    “BoAiXing”comes from an old Chinese saying “The world depends on the elders who have universal fraternity.” BoAiXing Law Firm adheres to the concept of “openness, tolerance, unity and sharing”, and strives to build a platform to attract talents. The law firm adopts a flat management model, and cares for the growth and development of every fraternity person.

    •Technology supports legal services

    BoAiXing Law Firm has a leading internal process management system and a rich knowledge management and training system, and strives to build a smart law firm brain, in order to empower the comprehensive development of the law firm and the practicing lawyers of BoAiXing in different growth stages.

    • All-disciplinary team, supporting each other

    BoAiXing Law Firm currently has 17 mature business teams, covering civil, commercial, criminal and various sub-specialty fields, which can provide customers with "one-stop, all-round and comprehensive" solutions BoAiXing lawyers can find their own suitable position. Strong support for core lawyers to build new teams in special business areas.

    •Strong administrative operation support

    Relying on the professional administrative operation team established by the head office and branches, it provides all-round support for the daily work of lawyers, so that lawyers only need to focus on the business. There is a spacious and superior office environment for lawyers, an equal, relaxing and harmonious atmosphere for lawyers to enjoy their work. There are all kinds of group activities such as domestic group trips and overseas. There are competition activities in the middle and middle-aged youth training camp to enrich the working life.